Live Gold, Silver, and Coin Prices

Bellevue Rare Coins buys, sells and trades bullion in many different forms at our three locations. Bullion coins can range in value, so it’s important to bring them to an expert to determine what they are actually worth. Sometimes it’s surprising just how much some of these coins are really worth. We have included some old gold coins on this page that are highly collectible. Certain dates of these coins in nice, uncirculated condition will fetch a substantial amount of money. You even might be able to get bullion prices for them. For that reason some speculators will hold them as a gold investment.

This page showcases what we regularly have on hand, but our inventory is constantly changing, so not all the items on this page reflect what is currently in stock. For specific items not listed, please give us a call or come by. You’ll be assisted by one of our bullion experts.